Millie Mackintosh says shes ready not to be pregnant anymore as she nears due date

Made in Chelsea favourite Millie Mackintosh has taken to her Instagram to share an update on her pregnancy with her 1.4 million followers.

Millie, 32, is expecting her second baby with MIC co-star and husband Hugo Taylor, 35. The couple already share daughter Sienna Grace who was born in May last year.

The brunette beauty announced she was expecting a second baby girl in sweet gender reveal in June this year.

And, the reality star has taken to her Instagram once again as she nears the end of her pregnancy and has revealed to fans she is “ready not to be pregnant anymore”.

She shared a mirror selfie of herself and wowed in black underwear and the star has one hand on her bump as she takes the selfie. Her brunette locks are down and free-flowing over her shoulders and she looks relaxed and smiles for the shot.

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She shares a detailed update with fans and reveals the tougher parts of pregnancy she’s experiencing including “flushed pink cheeks and pigmentation”.

She tells fans: “A little update on how I’m doing as I get closer to the end of my pregnancy. I feel very ready to not be pregnant anymore, I’m beyond excited to hold my baby in my arms but I already know I’ll really miss my bump and the feel of her moving around in my tummy.

“I’ve really noticed how my face has changed recently, it’s more puffy, especially first thing in the morning, the extra fluid is really starting to show up! I’ve also got really flushed pink cheeks and my pigmentation is intense due to the hormones, this happened during my last pregnancy also and stayed around for a while after.”

Soon-to-be mum-of-two Millie continued: “I’m feeling tight and full, there isn’t much space for the baby to move around anymore, and I’m finding that eating little and often is better than a big meal, as there is physically nowhere to put it!

“It’s getting harder to sleep at night, which is a little frustrating when everyone keeps telling you to get your sleep in now! I know it’s my body preparing me for the night feeds, but I wish I could bank as much sleep as possible, On the positive, I manage to get through a good chunk of my emails and to do lists during my 3am wake ups!

“One of the most annoying things at the moment is my constant need to pee, I go and then 10 minutes later need to go again! it makes leaving the house a little challenging and I’m forever asking where the nearest loo is!”

Millie also spoke about daughter Sienna suffering with hand, foot and mouth disease.

She went on: “Last week was tough.. On top of Sienna being poorly with HF&M, I also got Norovirus! I know it’s been doing the rounds but getting it in my 9th month of pregnancy was a real low point, on the bright side at least I've got it out the way.. I’m not sure how I would have managed if I was struck down with it AND had to take care of a newborn.

“Apart from that I’m in major nesting mode! I’m feeling super tired, but when it comes to organising the house or getting the babies things ready I feel really motivated, which is handy! I’m really focusing on making the house nice and cosy for the winter months when I’ll be in my newborn bubble #thirdtrimestersymptoms".

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