Jonathan Ross’ swipe over Prince Charles’ engagements: ‘They don’t take them seriously!’

Jonathan Ross discusses the royal family going abroad in 2000

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The popular presenter returns to ITV screens this weekend in The Jonathan Ross Show and as part of The Chase Celebrity Special. During his 34 years as a broadcaster, he’s fronted countless talk shows and regularly pokes fun at his celebrity interviewees. In one appearance, Ross raised concerns about the Royal Family and how they were perceived when they went overseas. 

Recently, Ross weighed in on the debate about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in March. 

In a tweet, he questioned how “anyone can watch it and not come to a similar conclusion”.

The star described the Sussexes as “pretty amazing” and found it “confusing” that others didn’t feel the same way. 

Ross’ post, which was sent to his five million Twitter followers, was liked by 12,500 people and retweeted 442 times.

The talk show host has made a number of lighthearted gags at the royals’ expense over the years. 

In a 2012 post, Ross quipped: “Does anyone know if Prince Charles is on Twitter? I am after an invite to the Royal Box at Wimbledon…”

One year earlier, he jokingly proposed a “new royal guideline” for people who manage to “live to 100”.

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To mark the landmark celebration, he suggested: “The Queen now follows you on Twitter.”

The remark came nearly 10 years before Prince Philip’s tragic passing at the age of 99 years old, last week. 

In the past, Ross playfully took a few swipes at the late Duke of Edinburgh too and once claimed he suffered from “a very advanced form of royal Tourette’s syndrome”.

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He also poked fun at Charles, over his willingness to “join in with the fun” on royal tours. 

Ross claimed his actions led to mockery from the international community and the future King did not represent the nation in a positive way.

While overseas travel was ruled out for much of last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Charles managed to rack up a number of engagements. 

He carried out 146 during 141 days, according to a Savoy Stewart’s report into the most hardworking royals.

Charles was three appearances short of topping the poll, which praised his sister Princess Anne for achieving 148 in 145 working days.

During Ross’ rant about the royals in a 2000 episode of Room 101, he said: “I just don’t think we should allow them to go abroad… ever!”

Despite the put-down, the presenter said he “rather liked the Royal Family” and he was “really pleased we have got them”.

Ross believed the “link with that tradition” was great and admitted they “do a lot of good for the country”.

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However, he was concerned “people will just think we are ridiculous” any time they went overseas.

Ross said: “They are supposed to be embassies of goodwill… They are meant to be our ambassadors.

“They go away so that people can have good, positive thoughts about us – but no!”

During his rant, photographs of Charles flashed on-screen including one where he was wearing a hat with dreadlocks and the Jamaican flag.

The audience and Ross laughed at the amusing snaps before the presenter posed a theory of his own. 

He said: “I’m beginning to suspect that the people who give him those hats know exactly what they are doing.”

Later Ross claimed people overseas “did not take them seriously” – referring to Charles and the Royal Family.

He argued against those who claimed the Firm was “not treated with respect” and said: “Is there any wonder?”

In reference to Charles specifically, Ross claimed he was too enthusiastic during royal engagements overseas.

He quipped: “You give him a liver and he would put his head in it, if you give him a chicken he would put his head in it! 

“I dread to think what happens if he ever goes to a Thai strip club.

“He would come out wearing the main attraction, firing ping pongs as he goes down the road.”

The Jonathan Ross Show airs at 9.35pm Saturday and The Chase Celebrity Special starts at 5.30pm Sunday, both on ITV.

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