Jenny Ryan: The Chase star in Tipping Point swipe Nice when someones earned that money

The Chase: Contestant takes low offer to face Jenny Ryan

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The Chase star Jenny Ryan appears to have made a cheeky jibe at ITV game show Tipping Point, which has been hosted by Ben Shephard since 2012. The 39-year-old TV star pointed out that it was a game of chance unlike other quiz shows, which require more skill or knowledge.

Jenny made her comments during an appearance on her Fingers On Buzzers podcast, which she co-hosts with comedian Lucy Porter.

The duo were discussing various TV programmes including Channel 4’s brand new programme Quizness with Tom Allen.

Contestants put their general knowledge to the test for a chance to win a £25,000 prize.

Jenny and Lucy said it was great to see someone work hard in order to be crowned the winner.

Talking about a recent winner, Lucy said it was lovely to see a woman so elated by her achievement.

“And it’s a demanding show,” Jenny added.

“It’s not straightforward. It tests a lot of different parts of your brain.

“So it’s nice when someone’s earned that money not just guess a few questions in a row and happens to be slightly better than the other people.

“Not to mention any other shows but, just happening to put the right coin into the right slot, at the right time,” she went on to say, seemingly referencing Tipping Point.

Despite her comments, Jenny did admit that she loves the show.

The programme requires contestants to answer simple questions in order to win counters to enter into a large coin pusher arcade-style machine.

At the end of July, Jenny and her co-stars returned to the studio to record a new series of Beat The Chasers.

She said it was good to have an audience again after the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to inside events.

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“It’s good to be back with an audience! #BeatTheChasers #TheChase,” Jenny captioned a picture from the set, which she shared on Instagram.

She also included a picture of herself ahead of filming.

Earlier this month, Countdown legend Carol Vorderman revealed that she had taken part in the show, presumably for a celebrity edition of the programme.

The 60-year-old maths whizz said she’d had a “cracking time” taking on the quizzers and thanked Jenny and Mark Labbett in a tweet.

“Can’t tell you what happened tho,”(sic) she teased, in a post that Jenny, aka The Vixen, shared with her 95,800 followers.

“Awwww c’mon Carol, you could at least tell us how you did in the individual round” one fan wrote in the comments section of her post.

“So happy you’re on beat the chasers, I can’t wait for it to air!” another added.

A release date for Beat The Chasers series 4 has not been revealed as yet.

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