Goggleboxs Pete mocks Helen Mirren for flatbread headpiece amid Jubilee show criticism

Gogglebox: Pete mocks Helen Mirren’s Jubilee outfit

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Pete Sandiford and his sister Sophie are favourites on Gogglebox as they share their opinions on the previous week’s TV. Pete made sure not to disappoint tonight as he unleashed his opinion on Dame Helen Mirren’s appearance on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee show, aired last Sunday.

‘Surely you’re not sending me out like this?’

Pete Sandiford

Helen took to the stage on the special episode, dressed as Elizabeth I to pay tribute to our current monarch.

The A-list actress won an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the 2006 film The Queen.

Pete couldn’t help himself when watching the show to criticise Helen for her dress code as the Tudor monarch.

He remarked: “Helen Mirren has been backstage going, ‘Surely you’re not sending me out like this?

“‘I look like I’ve got a flatbread on my head or a taco!'”

His sister Sophie could not stop laughing as they continued to joke about the one off special.

Stephen Webb also commented on Helen’s performance as the Queen due to her regular appraisal of the role.

He joked: “Oh here she is again, Helen Mirren. Wanna play the Queen? BOOM I’m there!”

Gogglebox’s cast were not the only viewers to criticise the Queen’s Jubilee special.

A series of tech mishaps and frequent advert breaks led to many viewers pleading with the BBC to air the coverage instead as some people were concerned with the flow of the event.

Many social media users took to Twitter to vent their frustrations about the shop and its host Phillip Schofield.

Tenko-Dragon fumed: “@ITV Please tell Phillip Schofield and co to shut up and let viewers watch the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration show!”

Chris Primus Doyle remarked: “Pity about Phillip Schofield babbling on and on and on.”

Helen Spirit raged: “When are @ITV going to realise that to many people, Phillip Schofield being the presenter of anything at all just leads to people automatically switching over to another channel. #Jubilee.”

While Andrew Wiles added: “What on earth were ITV thinking, putting Phillip Schofield on the Platinum Jubilee program, all he did was add spoilers to upcoming acts and carry out a gush fest with Tom Cruise that was nothing to do with the Queen.”

Queen Elizabeth II attended the equestrian extravaganza at the arena close to Windsor Castle during the televised event.

The monarch sat in the royal box with a blanket over her knees for the musical and theatrical romp across the centuries, called A Gallop Through History, which chronicled the events of the first Elizabethan age, from the attempted invasion of the Spanish Armada to leading figures of the day like William Shakespeare.

Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise, 59, made an appearance at the big event but talk of his new movie was met with criticism by some viewers.

ITV viewers hit out at the hosts for quizzing the actor on his new film during the Platinum Jubilee Celebration programme.

Meanwhile, Tom gushed over the Queen as he praised the longest-reigning British monarch.

Tom even got to walk hand in hand with the Duchess of Cambridge as she and Prince William attended the London premiere of the film.

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