Chlöe and Halle Bailey's 2021 VMAs Red Carpet Looks, in Two Words? "Have Mercy"!!

Chlöe Bailey may be having one of the busiest weeks of her young career so far, and her fans should say a resounding “THANK YOU” for it. The singer premiered her debut solo single “Have Mercy” on Friday along with a stunning music video, and now Chlöe is walking the red carpet of the 2021 VMAs (with her sister Halle!) before performing said single for MTV (and the world).

For Chlöe’s first pre-performance red carpet as a solo artist (as fans know, Chlöe also performs alongside her mermaid-bound sis Halle as Chloe x Halle), and while she’ll be performing solo tonight, the two of them walked the Video Music Awards red carpet in what can only be described as showstoppers.

Enough commentary, let’s look at some gorgeous pics:

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