Cara Delevingne Confesses Part of Her Still Wishes for Her to Just Be Straight

During a podcast chat with Gwyneth Paltrow, the ‘Suicide Squad’ star also admits that her battle with suicidal thoughts might have things to do with her being ‘quite homophobic’ when she was younger.

AceShowbizCara Delevingne has made a candid confession about her sexuality. Sitting down with Gwyneth Paltrow to talk about her struggles coming to terms with her gender identity in her younger years, the “Suicide Squad” actress confessed there is still a part of her that wished for her to just be straight.

The 28-year-old made the confession in the Tuesday, March 16 episode of “The goop” podcast. Having openly described herself as pansexual, she did admit in the interview, “There is still a part of me where I’m like, ‘Oh I really I wish I could just be straight.’ There is still that side to it.”

During the discussion, the “Carnival Row” star also talked about how growing up in an “old-fashioned household” made her initially prejudice about same sex relationships. “I didn’t know anyone who was gay, or I didn’t know that was a thing. Actually, I think growing up I was quite – not noticeably or I wasn’t knowledgeable of the fact that I was probably quite homophobic,” she confessed.

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Delevingne additionally shared with Paltrow that her negative views led to a struggle that brought up a lot of shame within her. “The idea of being same sex anything, I was disgusted by that in myself,” she recalled, “I was like, ‘Oh my god. Oh I could never! That’s disgusting!’ “

“I do kind of correlate the kind of massive depression and the suicidal kind of moments of my life because I was so ashamed of ever being that,” the ex-girlfriend of Ashley Benson elaborated further. On the positive note, she stated, “But actually that was the part of me that I love so much and I accept it.”

Speaking about her modeling career, Delevingne spilled, “I was so unhappy and I wasn’t following my truth, especially in terms of being a model.” On the reason why, she explained, “That whole thing of having to fit into the box – I’m an androgynous person.”

“I love being a woman and dressing up and doing all that, but I also love being a rough and tumble ‘man’. I feel so much more comfortable in the fluidity of what it is to be just a human and to be an animal, almost, because that’s what we are,” she stressed. “To trust in your own instincts.”

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