Woman’s bizarre Halloween costume has people cracking up when they finally get it, so can YOU work it out?

A WOMAN’S bizarre Halloween costume is causing people to crack up when they finally realise what the outfit is supposed to be. 

The creative woman was pictured on Reddit dressed in a cardboard box with a lightshade on her head. 

The costume also had a fake alarm clock stuck on her shoulder – but can you work out what she is supposed to be?

The amputee woman revealed how her epic Halloween costume is a “one night stand”, and although she used it a few years ago, it has circulated again on the site ahead of October 31. 

After the post went on Reddit hours ago, it has already racked up over 36,700 upvotes. 

One person wrote: “Awesome costume, awesome picture!”

Another commented: “Omg this took me a while to process. Well done!”

Meanwhile, a third added: “She’s a keeper in my book". 

Wi and a fourth added: “Hahahahahaha. I love it.”

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