The easy cleaning trick real estate agents use to make wooden and laminate floors look brand new | The Sun

WE all want our homes to look and feel fresh.

Whether you’re entertaining guests or trying to sell your house, it never hurts to give it a little extra love before you welcome people in.

One woman, who goes by @MrsMessyTikTok on social media, said that she learned a very useful home hack from her real estate agent friend – and you’ll probably want to copy it after you see the results.

In the TikTok, which received over 4.4 million views, the woman said: “My friend is a real estate agent and she told me a secret.”

The secret involves how to make your space look more appealing to outsiders.

“When real estate agents try to sell your home, they do this trick with laminate and wooden floors to make them scratch-free and looking new.”


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The first step, she revealed, is to mop the floors as you normally would.

Next, she doused the floors in Pledge’s Revive It Floor Gloss and began spreading it around with a mop.

She did this step twice, as two coats make the solution even stronger.

After waiting thirty minutes, she revealed the stunning results.

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“Oh wow! It worked on my seven-year-old laminate floors.” she said.

The surface looked bright, shiny, and smooth.

Some people were thankful for the hack, with one commenter writing, “I need this for my whole house.”

But others warned against it, writing about an unwelcome side effect.

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“This stuff leaves a wax build-up over time and it’s impossible to get off!” a viewer noted.

"And a month later, it's patchy and sticky if you ever try to clean it. Don't do it," added another.

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