Posh pals used to private jets & yachts horrified backpacker hostel has no champagne on Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday

TWO wealthy pals jet around the world to five-star hotels were left horrified after being forced to stay in a backpacker hostel which has “no champagne”. 

Julia and Katya, from Wimbledon, who are used to yachts and private jets, were forced to give up their gold leaf facials, on Channel 5’s Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday.

Socialite Julia said: “I stay in luxury hotels all the time. Go on private yachts, private jets wearing the clothes we have and mixing with very privileged, very interesting people. 

“It’s a privileged life.”

Katya added: “Yeah but for us it is like a normality.”

The elite pals work in luxury lifestyle management and PR, and their income puts them in the top ten per cent of earners. 

On Sunday’s show, the pair swap holidays with a struggling single mum and her three children from East Lothian, who can’t afford to all go abroad together.

Katya said: “Luxury is something we have discovered at a certain stage of our lives. Maybe I have become too soft.”

The pals, who had a humble childhood in the Soviet Union before finding riches, were shocked when they discovered they would be holidaying in a hostel in Tenerife, and volunteering at an animal shelter. 

Meanwhile the struggling Richardson family, consisting of single mum Annie, and her three kids, Leanna, Ray and Zander, were sent on a £11,877 swanky all expenses paid trip to Turkey. 

Julia was unimpressed when told they would have to pack clothes that could get mucky, saying: “I would like to get dirty looking glamorous. 

There is no champagne here

“You have no idea what a hostel is, and neither do I?”

And more shocks were to be had when the privileged pair discovered the backpacker hostel didn’t have any bubbles in the fridge ready for their arrival. 

Katya opened the fridge and exclaimed in horror: “There is no champagne here.”

Julia surveyed the humble room to see where she could put her designer clothes, and said: “There are no hangers, there are no wardrobes. What about all our clothes?”

Further horror was to be had after they were given a budget of 110 euros to last the both of them for the week. 

Katya said: “Oh it’s cash. I haven’t touched cash for ages.”

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They were even less happy when they saw the animal rescue centre, which was in need of some repairs. 

Katya said: “I was hoping this was not where we were going. I saw some funny buildings, more of a wall, and quite untidy.”

The pair were given the task of walking the shelter’s 15 horses, mud-piling a wall and picking up poo – a far cry from their usual extravagant breaks. 

Katya said: “That is what I hate, dust, dirt.”

However, the two threw themselves into their tasks and were shocked when they found out the entire trip, with flights, accomodation and budget, came to £422 for the week. 

Katya said: “It’s exciting to see how little a human needs.”

Julia: “I just think I could learn from them being a little more selfless.”

Meanwhile the Richardson family, who usually stay in caravans in the UK on holiday, were more than happy with their expensive break. 

They were able to scuba-dive, paraglide and enjoy fine-dining together – and had their time of their life. 

Speaking from their luxury boat taking them to their dive, Annie gushed: “What a privilege to be on a private boat.”

Leanna said of the diving: “I’ve never done anything like this before, it was great.”


When they found out their trip cost £11,788, they were shocked at the cost. 

Annie said: “A week it’s seems a bit frivolous but it’s the budget of other people.”

Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday Ep.5, Sunday 14 at 9pm on Channel 5

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