People are wrapping their CUPBOARDS up in Christmas paper to give their homes a festive makeover

CHRISTMAS this year is looking to be a little different with the pandemic, so people are pulling out all the stops to give their homes a festive makeover. 

Alongside their trees and wreaths, people are now wrapping their CUPBOARDS to give their homes that extra touch. 

A man shared a photo of how he had wrapped his TV stand – and it turns out many people also cover their cupboards in Christmas paper. 

He wrote on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK: “Not sure if anyone else has done a post like mine but….. Cheap and chearfull haha.

“Wrap your cupboard in Christmas wrapping paper for an easy decoration. 

“Best thing is you can you and paper you want!”

His decorating idea seemed to divide many people, with some praising the idea, and others saying he has gone too far. 

One person who fully supported his efforts wrote: “Love that idea,I just put my tree up.”

Another added: “I wrap up my kitchen cupboard doors, makes the kitchen really festive.”

However, one baffled person wrote: “But why?”

And one commented: “I don’t get it.”

Would you get on board?

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