Mum savaged for feeding her six-month-old baby McDonald’s… and trolls aren’t happy about the drink either | The Sun

A MUM has been brutally shamed after giving her six-month-old son a McDonald's Happy Meal to eat.

Becky took to her TikTok page to share a video of her son enjoying a veggie dipper meal, with chips, as part of his Baby Lead Weaning journey.

Not only that, but as well as the dippers and fries, Becky gave him a "Fruit Shoot to wash it all down".

And the comments section was quickly filled with people slamming her for giving him the meal, with many taking particular issue with the drink choice.

"This is surely a joke? Salt AND juice before one?" one person wrote.

"For me the happy meal food itself isn't the problem. It's the juice," another added.

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"Babies shouldn't have juice until 12 months and even if they do it should be diluted one part juice to 10 parts water, in an open beaker to prevent tooth decay."

"Nice easy healthy meal for a baby at this age," someone else wrote, alongside a vomiting emoji.

"Sugar and chemicals all in one meal. I'll pay for you to go on a parenting course. Clearly need it," another raged.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO MAMA!" someone else said.

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"Anything but fast food and junk, omg what have I just watched?"

While another sarcastically asked: "What have you given the poor child today – Indian?"

But other parents defended Becky, with one writing: "People need to stop being so judgemental."

"My little girl was eating Chinese at 6-7 months," another added.

"I don't get how mums can shame other mums. Embarrassing tbh."

"My nine-month-old has had two Happy Meals since six months old and she loves them!" someone else commented.

"As long as it isn't a daily thing."

As another wrote: "My seven-month-old loves a fish finger Happy Meal. Everything in moderation."

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