Mum reveals the tiny detail on a baby's nappy that tells you when to go up in size & it means you'll always get it right

A NEW mum has pointed out a tiny nappy detail that tells parents when to go up in size.

Kelsey Hill shared the little-known hack on her TikTok page and other parents were thankful for the tip.

In the clip, Kelsey points out some tiny markings on the front of the nappy which indicates where the sticky tabs should be.

"The tabs should at least come to the line," she says and adds they can cross over at the tummy.

If the tabs don't quite reach it means the nappy is too small, and it's time for parents and bubs to go up in size.


Generally, nappies are available in weight or age ranges, but this small detail can help parents even more.

Although, Kelsey, who's from America, didn't reveal what brand nappies she uses, and it's not known if all brands have these markings.

Regardless, mums and dads were pretty chuffed and thanked Kelsey for the tip.

A seasoned mum wrote: "This may be knowledge to some mums but is super helpful for new mums – I didn't learn about it until a year in!"

One parent also shared another tip for boy mum.

She said: "Boys will start to pee outside the diaper if it's getting too small."

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