I've got big boobs – I'm always getting rude remarks, flat-chested girls say the same cheeky things | The Sun

SOME people love their naturally bigger breasts and like to show them off, but others prefer to cover them up.

Alissa falls into the first group of people and is proud of her large chest, even if people always have something to say about her look.

Posting on TikTok, the stunner shared some of the off-handed comments she gets from strangers.

In the clip she showed a series of stock pictures to show the kind of reactions she gets every day because of her body shape.

Some of the rude comments aren't that bad, like women who can sympathise with the back pain that comes with having bigger boobs.

But some girls who don't have such big boobs are pretty predictable and always ask Alissa if she can give them some.


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As for men, the usual heckling and catcalling is just part of Alissa's life.

But it's usually the younger men who shout across the street to get her attention.

Older men are the ones to randomly stare at her chest in total silence.

She captioned the video: "My life really be like that haha."

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Not everyone felt bad for Alissa though, one person commented: "Oh no! I walk through life with people noticing me and catcalling me. Ahhhhh!"

"I walk through life like I'm invisible, congrats to you!"

Meanwhile, men flooded the comment section of the video with compliments.

One wrote: "You look awesome, be proud."

And a second said: "Don't blame us, we're all humans. We see something nice, we love."

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