I’ve been fake tanning pretty much since I left the womb…here's my tips for the best glow & the step people often forget | The Sun

ANYONE who fake tans regularly will know the struggle of getting the perfect streak-free glow.

But fortunately, a fake tan fan has shared her top tips and tricks to ensure you get the perfect, natural glow, without any grim streaks. 

Beauty whizz Tilly Ferrari revealed that tanning isn’t as simple as whacking it on and hoping for the best – it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Particularly if you want it to look good and last, then Tilly has the secrets you need to know – plus she revealed the step that people always forget. 

The London-based make-up artist recently took to TikTok to share how she gets her tan looking great, as she posted her clip with the caption ‘How to fake tan flawlessly every single time.’

She said: “It has come to my attention recently that lots of people do not know how to fake tan for a natural tan.

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“The proof is very much in the pudding of the comments of this ad that I did with Dove Gradual Tan, a tan I genuinely love and use.

“And as somebody who hasn't been their natural skin tone since I left the womb, I do believe I have a little bit of authority to talk on this subject.

“You want receipts as to how good I am at tanning? This is a recent pic – I am fully fake tanned here, I don't really tan naturally and I was repeatedly asked if I'd been away for two weeks in some exotic location.

“Let's get into it.”

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Tilly explained that exfoliation is key for a natural-looking tan.

She added: “You need to exfoliate. I personally like to start off with physical exfoliation, so I use a dry brush, but I use it wet, in the shower.

“Pay particular attention to your ankles and your elbows and before you put any more tan on, get the old stuff off and it will stop you from looking patchy and dirty.

“If that's not enough, for me, it's generally all my skin can hack because I have very sensitive skin on my body, but I will use a gentle chemical exfoliant.”

Next, Tilly discussed shaving, as she continued: “Okay. Shaving. Only if you shave your body, if you don't, then no dramas.

“I actually shave the same day as tanning, which I know is a bit of a controversial opinion, but my hair grows back really quickly, so I give myself a nice close, clean shave.

“I use a men's razor and if you wanna stop these little dots happening, shower with cold water afterwards and it will prevent those dots from happening.”

Following this, Tilly got into the topic of moisturising and explained that this is very important, as she claimed: “Okay. You need to moisturise the creases of your body – hands, feet, ankles, elbows, elbow creases, behind the knees, knees.

“I also moisturise underneath my boobs, because that's another crease.

“And you wanna moisturise with something that works well with your tan, don't use anything too emollient and don't use anything with oil because it will cause the tan to separate.

“Use a really simple, basic moisturiser. And for the love of god, please let this dry.”


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When it comes to tanning, Tilly explained how she applies hers.

She advised: “Now we're on to the actual tanning. So I use a mitt. I start at my feet and I work upwards.

“This applies for gradual tanning lotion, gradual tanning milk, tanning water, tanning foam, whatever tanning I'm doing, I'm using this technique.

“Work upwards and work it in.

“If you need to use your other hand which doesn't have the mitt on, to kind of feel where you've put the tan, do that, it's fine, and then just go straight over the top with the mitt again.

“Take your time, don't rush and work carefully.

“I don't wanna hear about any complaints of patchy tan when you spent literally three seconds pulling it on.

“I could do a whole video on hands and I probably will because I feel like this is the bit everyone gets wrong, but once you've tanned your whole body, go and wash them.

“Then with whatever's left on your mitt, run this across the back of your hands and get in between your fingers.

“Avoid your cuticles because those are dry areas.

“Then, using hand cream, get it on your palms, rub it in, and then rub it into the rest of your hands and I guarantee they'll be flawless.

“And then you need to moisturise to maintain your tan.”

Tilly shared her just clip just six days ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 50,400 views.

It has 2,041 likes, 18 comments, 592 saves and 4 shares. 

One person said: “That cold water tip….what on earth. Think you just changed my life.”

Another added: “Love these top tips.” 

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Whilst a third asked: “If it's a gradual tan moisturiser do you need to moisturise too?” to which Tilly explained “Yes! Stops anything getting caught in dry patches.”

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