I'm a cleaning pro & there's three things I hate about YOUR home – trolls say I'm judgmental but I'm the experienced one | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL house cleaner has revealed the three main things that she hates about your home.

The woman, who posts under the acronym @cleanhappyco, took to TikTok and shared three videos – each one detailing something different that she finds a nightmare to clean.

In the first clip, she begins: "Let me start by saying this is not to bash anybody's style preferences, these are just things I've come to dislike because of the difficulty it takes to clean them."

So if you're possibly building a new home or looking to remodel aspects of your home and you want things that are easy to maintain and clean, then follow along."

She continues: "Number one on my list is intricate pendant lights…don't get me wrong the lights are beautiful, but most of us like to cook with oil and that oil is going to splatter and grease is going to land on everything – including those light fixtures."

"That combined with the dust that's floating around in your home just creates a terrible mess that's really difficult to clean."


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In a second video, she notes: "Let's talk about cabinets."

"My biggest gripe is that it masks grime or dirt almost too well, so what I find is that they haven't been cleaned properly in a very long time."

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That brings me to my second point – lots of people don't know how to care for these cabinets."

"I see many people just putting polish on them and it's just layer of grease and polish and grease and polish until it's hardened."

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By the time you really try to go in and remove it, it damages the actual surface of the cabinet."

In a final video, the professional cleaner discuses her least favourite types of sinks to clean.

"If you're looking for something that's low maintenance and easier to clean, there are a few things I would avoid," she explains.

"I would avoid copper. If you're hoping your copper sink is going to be shiny and beautiful like it looks on the first day it's installed, that's not the case."

It's going to take a lot of hard work and maintenance on your part – so something to keep in mind."

She continues: "Second on my list would be porcelain sinks. Now these sinks are not particularly hard to clean but they do require frequent cleaning because they get dirty pretty fast."

"The third type of sink is the square sink. They're beautiful but my problem is the corners get really nasty really quickly."

The clips have since garnered over 1 million views and been flooded with comments.

"There is a reason the maid is not asked about decorating & design choices. Her opinion does not matter. Do your job!" wrote one.

In response, the cleaner hit back: "If you would rather look down on me because of my profession rather than take an opinion from me on something I have much experience w/ that speaks volumes."

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A second commented: "This is awesome advice!"

A third wrote: "I have the good old fashion rounded sink. I love it and very easy to keep clean!"

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