Expert shares terrifying warning to parents who share photos of their kids’ first day at school

MANY parents like to proudly take a photo of their child on their first day at school – but an expert has sent a stark warning about sharing them online.

Dr Jessica Taylor, founder of charity Victim Focus, said that posting kids in their uniforms could give predators crucial information about their locations. 

Speaking on Twitter, she explained: "Thank you so much to all of the parents who have posted pics of their kids in their uniforms, so I can now pinpoint where they are, claim to know them, wait outside their schools, claim to know their friends & groom them – is what I would say if I was a perpetrator.

"Think! If you won’t let your kids upload pics of themselves on to the internet, THEN WHY TF ARE YOU DOING IT?"

Many people on Twitter were left torn over the advice, with some accusing her of “scaremongering”.

One said: "No, no, no, this is mostly scaremongering – I say mostly because undoubtedly there will be some truth in this but give parents some credit – they will do their absolute best to keep their children safe from harm. 

“They are not offering up their children as you suggest."

However, many agreed that people should avoid school uniform snaps online. 

One said: "Cheers for saying this and using your platform to highlight this. Can confirm having worked resettling sex offenders that this and open social media accounts are tools used by child abusers once they develop a ‘crush’ on a child.

"They will ingratiate themselves with the parents."

Another said: "I completely agree. I think it’s wrong that parents do this, I'm not a parent myself but I just don't understand why they feel the need to do it.

"I'm a consenting adult and don't even post pictures of myself because I fear that creeps can find me."

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